Local Attractions

This trail connects with the Demonstration Forest Trail. 7km of scenic trail. View Keppel Island Lighthouse.

The trail was built by students in summer programs in the past three years. The trail is a demonstration of the different types of trees that grow in Newfoundland.

This lighthouse was a kerosene burning lighthouse when it was first built in 1901. 

This path offers a great walking trail as well as spectacular scenery.

Port Saunders is surrounded by three major salmon rivers all of which are within 10km of the town.

Our tourists can count on incredible photo opportunities of our historical waterfront of individual fishing stages and wharves.

Regional Attractions

30 minute drive (or less).

On the west side of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, you’ll find the crossroads of 6000 years of human history. The sea’s bounty drew Maritime Archaic people, the Dorset people, the Groswater people and the recent indigenous people here long before Europeans arrived. Seals on passing iceflows were hunted by the Dorset and used for food, shelter and clothing. Discover one of North America’s most fascinating archaeological finds amid a rugged coastline of unique limestone barrens, forests and bays. Visit ancient burial sites, settlements and view original artifacts, from slate spears to harpoons.

Telephone (seasonal): (709) 861-3522
Telephone (off-season): (709) 458-2417
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30 minute drive.

Sitting on the edge of the mighty Torrent River (known to avid anglers), is the Nature Park and Campground. Walk the 3-km boardwalk named for Newfoundland Ranger, John Hogan which will take you to the Salmon Interpretation Centre nestled near the Torrent River Falls and Fishway. View wild Atlantic Salmon through an underground viewing chamber. Picnic on the banks of the Torrent and enjoy the beautiful wildlife and scenery.

Tel: 1 (709) 248 5344
Off Season: 1 (709) 248 5216
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2.5 hour drive.

Soaring fjords and moody mountains tower above a diverse panorama of beaches and bogs, forests and barren cliffs. Shaped by colliding continents and grinding glaciers, Gros Morne’s ancient landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander coastal pathways and beachcomb among sea stacks. Cruise the dramatic, sheer-walled gorge of Western Brook Pond. Spot moose and caribou. Hike to alpine highlands where Arctic hare and ptarmigan thrive on tundra, and explore the colourful culture of nearby seaside communities.

Telephone: (709) 458-2417
Emergency: 1-877-852-3100
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3 hour drive.

At the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula lies the first known evidence of European presence in the Americas. Here Norse expeditions sailed from Greenland, building a small encampment of timber-and-sod buildings over 1000 years ago Against a stunning backdrop of rugged cliffs, bog, and coastline, discover the fascinating archaeological remains of the Viking encampment, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. You’ll meet costumed Viking interpreters as you tour the recreated base camp and discover original artifacts from this internationally renowned archaeological find.

Tel: (709) 623-2608 (May – October)
Tel: (709) 458-2417 (November – May)
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For more information about our attractions, visit the Port Saunders Town Office – or contact us by phone at (709) 861-3105 or via email.