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Welcome to Port Saunders

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Port Saunders, Newfoundland Labrador

From humble beginnings as a small fishing town, Port Saunders has grown into a vibrant community. The peaceful and scenic surroundings make the town of Port Saunders a wonderful place to live.

The town of Port Saunders got its name when three British war ships returned from Battle Harbour, Labrador. A ship under the command of "Admiral Saunders" came here and Port Saunders bears his name to the present day.
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Our tourists can count on incredible photo opportunities of our historical waterfront of individual fishing stages and wharves. For travellers looking for an escape, the town of Port Saunders offers tranquility by the ocean.
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Combined with the towns of Port au Choix and Hawkes Bay, the Ingornachoix Region is a major service centre for the central area of the Great Northern Peninsula. Many businesses are established within our town.
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Community services for Port Saunders include a K-12 school and a public library with public internet access. Health care is provided for the town and region at the Rufus Guinchard Health Centre.
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Recreation facilities that are available include a ballfield, playground, recreational centre and trails. The regional arena is located in Port au Choix (9 kms north).
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For more information, please visit the Port Saunders Town Office - or contact us by phone at (709) 861-3105 or via e-mail at info@townofportsaunders.ca.

Potable Water Dispensing Unit
The Water Dispensing Unit is located next to the Fire Hall.  Hours of operation:  Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.  This is a free service offered to residents of Port Saunders.

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Monthly Town Meeting
Anyone requesting to have issues put on the agenda or requesting to speak at the monthly town meeting is required to submit a request no later than the Thursday evening prior to the meeting. Town meetings are held on the last Monday of each month. Highlights from the most recent town meeting are summarized on the Community News page. [View Port Saunders' Community News]

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Sign our Website Guest Book !!
Let us know how much you enjoyed your trip to Port Saunders.. Publish your experiences for others to read.. We plan to preserve guest book entries for many years to follow.. Be one of the first participants to add comments.. [View Guest Book]

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Port Saunders - From Past to Present
Take a few minutes out of your day for an interesting read on past times of Port Saunders. From the first settlers to the establishment of a successful fishing industry, our town has come a long way. [Read Our History]

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